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The Montessori Village playgroup for under 3 year old in Haarlem



The Montessori Village playgroup for under 3 year old in Haarlem

The Montessori Village is a playgroup with a difference designed specifically to support you and your young child

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What is the Montessori Village

The Montessori Village is a purpose-built environment - a playgroup with a difference - for children under 4 and their parent/guardian. We meet between 2 hrs. weekly with a small group of parents and children together. Gathering like-minded parents for discussion, support and learning how best to support your child's development by implementing some of Maria Montessori's principles and practises. At The Montessori Village your child has the freedom to explore a range of beautiful carefully chosen activities & materials designed for your child's size and developmental needs. Through not having large groups it allows your child the time and space for them to lead the way, choosing what interests them. There are a range of activities to choose from, including language, cognitive, gross & fine motor and practical life  to name a few. These classes are designed to help your child's growing independence, confidence, self-esteem and concentration in a fun safe and gentle way. All classes are in English. 


 … in every child is the seed that will mature into an adult.”

- Maria Montessori -

  • Great for families who are interested in Montessori education but want to learn more for the under 4 year old.

  • Maybe you are considering a Montessori school? The Montessori Village can help your child with that transition. 

  • Are you looking for a playgroup with a difference? 

  • Are you are seeking connection with like-minded families in your community?

  • Are you looking for an english-speaking educational play group?

The Montessori Village playgroup for under 3 year old in Haarlem

Why the Montessori Village

  • Are you away from family and friends and want to meet other families with similar aged children to yours,.

  • Are you feeling isolated in parenthood; do you need support, ideas, solutions, we would love to support you.

  • Would you like to offer your child an opportunity to reach their full potential? 


The Montessori Village can offer all the above. If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Baby Program
(3-15 months)

A small calm group for baby (aged between 3-15months) accompanied by their parent/guardian.  We meet weekly for 1h 15min. Your child will be able to interact and explore with specific developmentally designed materials and activities supporting sensory learning and movement. All activities have been created for aiding your child's developmental needs. Parents can get comfortable, have a cup of tea, observe your own children and others,  as they enjoy their morning.  Topics of interest will be discussed to support you at home and help understand children's development during this exciting stage of their lives.

Toddler Program
(15-36 months)

The toddler group is a small interactive group with toddlers accompanied by their parent/guardian. We meet weekly for 2 hours. Your child will be learning through play how to refine their movement and senses whilst developing language and aiding your child's learning through hands on experiences. All activities/materials are designed for your child's size and developmental needs. In this class we follow the child, observing first and learning when to offer assistance, in order to help build confidence, self-esteem as well as concentration. We slow things right down, this allows time to practice dressing, preparing food for themselves, care of their environment, recycling, language, observing the beauty of concentration and so much more.

Pre School Program
(3-4 years of age)

 The pre school program is for children between 3-4 years of age. It’s an interactive safe small group attended by parent/guardian (one adult only) and their 3-4 year old.

We meet once per week for 2 hours. Your child
is free to explore a range activities & materials suited to their current developmental needs. This program focuses on preparation for school. Independence, practical life activities, continuation on language materials, further development of fine motor skills to support writing, gentle introduction to some school subjects, food preparation, working together in a community setting practicing grace and courtesy with their peers. This is all done in the
form of play with a light structure in place.

Join our tribe to be a part of something special…"

- Syleste -

The Montessori Village playgroup for under 3 year old in Haarlem

Hi I'm Syleste the owner and Founder of The Montessori Village. I am so excited to launch this 'Playgroup with a difference' here in my home town Haarlem. I am a mum of two and super passionate about Montessori.  I am a qualified Montessori 0-3 Director (AMI) with international experience working in both private Montessori schools as well as community run Montessori Programs. I believe Haarlem is missing something for children under 4 and their families. I'm passionate about reaching out to parents that might like some more support with parenting or who maybe far away from their family and friends who wish for connection in their community. I want to build a village - a place where all feel welcome and have a sense of home, whether you're born here or new in The Netherlands the door is open and I am so looking forward to meeting you.

The Montessori Village playgroup for under 3 year old in Haarlem



"I have had the privilege of knowing Syleste personally for over 20 years. Knowing her so well it has come as no surprise to me to see the dedication and passion she has put into her Montessori training and career. She has been an invaluable source of support and guidance to me in my own journey of motherhood. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and genuine. I have no doubt that any family lucky enough to send their child to The Montessori Village will be very pleased they did."

Dr Tamara Anderson Clinical Psychologist.

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