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What is Montessori for the under 3 year old

Dr Maria Montessori as well as others that studied the under 3 year old at the time agreed that: 'the first 2 years of your life are the most important in the entire span of your lifetime'.



  • The space is set up to engage and encourage exploration.

  • Using natural materials, wood, metal, glass, fabric, which is lovely for our little tactile learners, as well as using real items that are child sized so that its easy for them to do things for themselves.

  • Learning by watching, when activities are presented to your child this is often done without speaking so that your child can see every movement without being distracted.

  • In Montessori we are mindful of the speed, tone and level of our voices so that children can follow which gives them the opportunity to repeat a word they hear. 

  • Children under 3 love to repeat things, you may often see your child moving something from one place too other over and over. This is an important part of development, Montessori spaces are designed to support and encourage this behaviour.

  • Movement for children under 3 is very important for the mind and the body. The space is set out to be simple and accessible by placing items on low shelving. and having child sized furniture, cutlery and activities so that each child is able to do everything for themselves. Most of the activities often require lots of movement like hand and eye co ordination as well balance.

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Why the Montessori Village

  • Great for families who are interested in Montessori but want to learn more for the under 4 year old.

  • Maybe you are considering a Montessori school. The Montessori Village can help with that transition. 

  • Looking for a playgroup with a difference.

  • Looking for like-minded families and connection in your community.

  • Looking for an English-speaking playgroup.

  • Are you away from family and friends and want to meet others in the same situation as you.

  • Are you feeling isolated in parenthood; do you need support, ideas, solutions.

  • Do you want to offer your child an opportunity to reach their full potential. 

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Why the Montessori Village

What do I bring

For you and your child, slippers or non slip socks. In the summer months your child may like to be bear foot.

Comfortable loose fitting clothing as well as spare clothes just in case of any spills from water and paint activities. 


You are welcome to bring a piece of fruit to share or something from nature (leaves, flowers from the garden) for the language basket.

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The Montessori Village playgroup for under 3 year old in Haarlem
What do I bring

Up coming  Open Days

(Open days are child free)

Tuesday 26th February 2024 


Would you like to see the space and meet Syleste?


You will be able to view the environment and ask any questions you may have about the programs.

Please complete a contact form with details of the program you wish to attend.

You will a receive confirmation via text. 

Open days
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