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I am currently supporting refugee women but I hope

to be back soon to support private clients…

Doesn’t interfere 

Offers physical & emotional support

Unloads anxiety and fear

Less interventions are needed

Advocates for YOU " 

Syleste’s Doula Support

My name is Syleste I am a mother of two children and the Founder & owner of The Montessori Village and Syleste’s Doula Support.


When I had my first child I didn’t have all the knowledge and experience I have today. I remember feeling a little lost and at times overwhelmed by all the information that is out there. On top of this I was a very nervous and worried mother to be. So I really stand for the parent who is also in this place. Maybe you are far from home friends and family and feel a bit alone on this new journey.


I started my Doula work in Australia back in 2018.  I became drawn to supporting women who have found themselves in difficult or complicated situations . i decided to offer my services to the refugee community here in The Netherlands. I feel privileged to share a very personal journey with these powerful ladies, it's humbling and incredibly rewarding work. 

My services reach any family who is looking/needing extra support during this very special moment in their lives.


I offer a personal service to you and your family. As a Doula I offer non-medical birth support on an emotional and physical level. This service is provided and tailored to your individual needs. This maybe your first or fifth child each time is new and different. 


I am here to offer knowledge, information or to help find answers if need be. I don’t sell myself as an all-knowing Guru, far from that. I’m a simple mum who just has a passion for providing a supportive space for families that seek help. 


I can very much relate families who are having a child away from their own land/home starting a new life having zero networks.


So I open this door to you and if you feel that having a birth support person suits your family and you would like a non-obligated meeting to discuss my service in more detail. DO not hesitated to contact me. 


The Montessori Village playgroup for under 3 year old in Haarlem

Package information 


FREE Consultation  (1hour)


This gives you a chance to meet me, we can meet in your home or café or space where you feel comfortable. We can then discuss the support in more detail and answer any questions you may have about the service. 


The consultation is obligation free; you may come alone or with your partner. Giving birth is a very personal experience. Inviting someone into this sacred space is not to be underestimated.  There is no pressure during this meeting to make any decisions there and then. You will have the space to reflect on our meeting and decide. IF you do decide to choose me as your Doula, we will organize the next step. 



Pre natal visits (1.5-2hrs)


There are 2 visits prior to your birth in (standard package). If you require more this can be tailored to your needs. 

These visits again are arranged in your home or a place you feel comfortable. 

The visits will consist of discussing your birth wishes, any concerns or fears that you may have and find ways to dissolve these.  The objective to empower, inform and prepare you for the birth of your child and to arm you with knowledge. Most of the time we fear what we don’t understand. So I will help you understand anything that maybe unclear within the birthing experience. 


Birth support – Labor – birth (as long as it takes)


I endeavor to be with you within 120 mins of your call for assistance with your birth.  I offer both home and hospital support and can meet you at either. During our prenatal visits we would have discussed the level of support you will want from me. If you have a partner its important to me that I don’t interrupt your moments together but that I am also there for both of you. I do not offer medical advice or interfere with any doctor’s decisions. But I can clarify anything that maybe unclear.  I am here for the emotional physical support as well as offering techniques, helpful positions to encourage your baby along. I will remain with you a short time after the birth to assist with feeding, when you are all feeling comfortable. 


Postnatal visits (2 x 1 hour)

I will be available to you within the first 6 weeks of your birth.  You will receive 2 visits within this time for 1 hour) In this time what can be very useful is to debrief about your personal experience during the birth, get feedback Share resources and of course spending a lot of time looking at your beautiful new bundle of joy. 





My fee: 850 euro 


Unlimited texts after consultation during pregnancy

Unlimited but organized phone calls during remaining pregnancy

2 x pre natal visits 

The Birth 

2 x postnatal visits 

Referred Refugee Clients 

My service is free for those who are currently housed in appointed camps within a 45km radius of Haarlem Central. 


" Sometimes just being there to hold the space is enough"

- Syleste -

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