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Who is Dr. Maria Montessori

Who was Dr Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori was born in a small village called Chiaravalle in Marche, Italy, in 1870. Maria wanted to become an engineer and studied science and math. In 1896 she became one of the first female doctors in Italy. This was a major accomplishment in this male driven profession. Dr Maria Montessori went on to work in women’s and children’s health and later started to work with children with disabilities. Her unique approach produced amazing revelations. She decided to apply the same theory and the use of concrete materials to work with all young children, with staggering results. The Montessori method has been very successful teaching children how to care for themselves, read, write and using countless other skills how to survive in today's world. Her work has been ground breaking and is now a worldwide highly respected education. Maria Montessori died in The Netherlands in 1952 at the age of 81. In her life time she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on three occasions.

The Montessori Village playgroup for under 3 year old in Haarlem
The Montessori Village playgroup for under 3 year old in Haarlem

The child has a mind able to absorb knowledge.  He has the power to teach himself.”

The fundamental help in development is not to interfere. Interference stops activity and stops concentration.”

- Maria Montessori -

The birth of the Montessori Village

The birth of The Montessori Village

The Montessori Village idea started in my mind during my time in Australia. I was so fortunate to be involved through work and my own personal experience in authentic Montessori environments. I witnessed daily the huge effect the environment, materials/activities and the approach of the Directors had on the children and the families who attended. It was immensely inspiring and started a little seed that started to grow.

I don’t believe you can teach anything well unless you are passionate about what you do as well as having first-hand experience. I was blessed to have had two willing little ones to practice my skills on as well as having the pleasure of working with many families over the years. 

The Montessori Village playgroup for under 3 year old in Haarlem
The Montessori Village playgroup for under 3 year old in Haarlem

My aim with The Montessori Village is to create an authentic Montessori environment. A space that welcomes all, for those who are new to Montessori and want to learn more and those who know about Montessori and have been waiting for something like this to materialize in their neighbourhood.

The programs are designed to help families learn more about the Montessori education, the approach and how you can bring this into your own daily lives and homes. In your hometown accessing resources is so much easier then when you start a life in a new country, I know this too well. I'm passionate about joining people together and creating a hub of information so that together we can create welcoming resourceful place, where you feel at home.

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