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Syleste came into my life in 2014 radiating high interest in humanity, Montessori education and respectful understanding of the importance of the family.

She is knowledgeable and intuitive to the child’s developmental needs.

Her aim is to support you to make a difference in your lives.

She is compassionate to others. 

Her knowledge of human development and experience of life is sure to support you and your family into your future, wisely." 

Pam Staton

Bachelor of Teaching Early Education

AMI Montessori 0-6 years Director

Birth to 3years Founder/developer of the IC @ ISMS Australia

What is there to say about Syleste other than she is a truly beautiful person on the inside and out. I had the pleasure of working with Syleste at the beginning of her training in Montessori and it was easy to see that the essence of the pedagogy came naturally to her in the way she showed humility and respect to all who crossed her path. She is a true advocate for the child but also holds the space for parents as they navigate the parenting journey.

I have no doubt that if you work with Syleste you will come away a better person." 


Sarah Breckenridge

AMI 0-3 Diploma

Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma

Accredited Postpartum Doula

Co-ordinator of the Inner Sydney Montessori School Infant Community

The Montessori Village playgroup for under 3 year old in Haarlem
The Montessori Village playgroup for under 3 year old in Haarlem

I have had the privilege of knowing Syleste personally for over 20 years. Knowing her so well it has come as no surprise to me to see the dedication and passion she has put into her Montessori training and career. She has been an invaluable source of support and guidance to me in my own journey of motherhood. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and genuine. I have no doubt that any family lucky enough to send their child to The Montessori Village will be very pleased they did. " 


Dr Tamara Anderson Clinical Psychologist.


I am quite a reserved person, a little on the shy side and I found myself completely relaxed and comfortable with Syleste . She is so approachable, warm, patient, and an excellent listener.

Syleste is a true professional and conducted herself accordingly. 

Her interaction with children is calm and natural. She evokes trust and respect."

Irene Williams


Attended ISMS IC Parent Toddler Program Australia  



My experience of becoming a parent was overwhelming. And isolating. What I needed was a supportive, non-judgemental wise and understanding soul who could guide me in my transition to being a parent. Syleste can be that person for you. She has a big heart, she deeply understands how children grow and learn, and her caring attitude will help you navigate the often challenging task of raising a child. You will not be alone."

Leena Savolainen, AMI 0-3 educator, psychotherapist, mother.


Syleste is strong and determined and she drew us in with her warmth and fun-loving light-heartedness.

On the Board of the Gamarada Directors, she offered valuable input into the design and framework of the Association.

Syleste played a key role promoting the Playgroup to the wider community, collaborating with families and attending a whole variety of cultural events and festivities.

Syleste is adaptability and has an impressive resource of knowledge, skills and experience.

“We shall walk together on this path of life for all things are connected with each other to form one whole unity”. (Rd. Maria Montessori)


Donia Faith Landy-Ariel 

0-6 AMI Director

Former Gamarada Board Member

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